Travel Advice
  • Reach early: Irrespective of the timing of the ferry, you must reach the jetty at least an hour earlier. The security checks done at ports are as strict as on airports.
  • Carry your tickets: You have to show your tickets before boarding the ferry, so carry it along with you. If your ticket was booked online, don’t forget to collect your hard copy before arriving at the jetty.
  • Buy travel insurance: Don’t forget to buy travel insurance before booking your flights to Andaman or before booking a ferry ticket, to ensure that come sun shine or storm, your trip goes unhampered.
  • Wear the right shoes: Wear the right shoes, something with a good grip so you don’t slip on the slippery floor of the ferry. Avoid shoes which would mark the boat’s deck.
  • Wear comfortable clothes: Ferry rides in Andaman are long. Therefore, wear comfortable clothes to avoid inconvenience. You may also carry a jacket/shawl, since it does tend to get cold, owing to the aircon.
  • Follow basic etiquettes: Follow basic etiquettes without someone explicitly mentioning it. For instance, do not step on the seats, don’t smear them with your sun lotion, and don’t spill your drinks.
  • Check your belongings before you leave: Makruzz staff don’t hold any responsibility towards claims made against loss of any items. Therefore, check your belongings before you leave.
  • Carry your documents: If you are a non-Indian, you must carry your ID card such as Passport and Visa with you at all times, even when travelling via Makruzz Ferry.
  • Children: If you are travelling with children below 5, you can carry the required objects such as travel cot, pushchair, double pushchair, buggy, etc.
  • Unaccompanied minors & individuals with special needs: If you are booking tickets for your minor kids or individuals with special needs, inform Makruzz staff in advance. We will assign a Makruzz staff member who would escort the traveller to their seat and take special care of their needs.
  • Don’t Carry Extra Baggage: There are certain restrictions on the baggage on ferries. For instance, the free baggage allowance is 25Kg as registered baggage. However, if your bags weigh more, please check with our customer care team before leaving your hotel rooms.
  • No Alcohol onboard: Consuming alcohol is not allowed on Makruzz ferries. If you want to carry it with you, you can keep it in your Registered Luggage.
  • Single-use plastic is a big No: Makruzz is a plastic-free zone. We don’t allow single-use plastic such as chips packets, plastic carry bags, water and juice bottles, etc. on board our ferry. Please avoid such items while travelling with Makruzz.
  • Avoid littering: We believe in cleanliness and hygiene on our ship to ensure the best cruising experience for our customers. Therefore, we expect our travelers to avoid littering on the floors of our ferries and restrict their children from doing so as well.
  • Take proper precautions if you are seasick: If you have a problem of seasickness, carry the prescribed medicines and the Doctors prescriptions with you along with a sickness bag. The same must be notified to the ferry staff in advance.
  • Don’t annoy the crew: The crew, even though they are obliged to serve you while you’re travelling with Makruzz, please avoid annoying them or flirting with them. They are on the boat to work and not to entertain you or be entertained by you.
  • Do not occupy toilets for long: While there are enough toilets to serve you, please avoid using it for longer durations which could cause inconveniences to other passegers.
  • Don’t carry valuable belongings: Don’t carry valuable belongings such as artefacts, jewellery, etc. with you. If you do have them, keep them in your hand bags and do not put it in the cargo hold.
  • No pets onboard: While we love your pets, unfortunately, marine laws do not permit us from carrying animals on board.
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