Privacy Policy

At Makruzz, we believe transparency between two parties: the seller and the buyer, is of utmost importance; to build trust and ensure long-lasting relationships. Therefore, as our valued customers, we would like you to know that your privacy is our top priority. The following is how we gather and disseminate information that we collect for our website.


The IP address helps us in two ways: (1) it is a great way for us to identify our customers, check out their shopping carts, and gather broad demographic information about them (2) the IP address helps us diagnose problems related to server operations and provide appropriate solutions to you.


Our website uses cookies (messages web servers pass on to your web browser when you visit Internet sites) to keep track of your activities on our website and share customized information with you based on your interest. That said, we would like to assure you that cookies, in no way possible, share any important information such as your credit card and debit card details or any other personal info with third party websites.


Makruzz reserves the right to use and share (with partner websites) the information, relevant to our company, collected from our customers, for our company promotions. However, personal or professional details such as your name, address, email, phone number, demographic or vehicle is safe with us. The same won’t be sold, shared, or rented to non-partner third party websites.


Through our email policy, we would like to reflect our firm commitment towards the privacy and protection of the information of all of our customers and visitors. All customers can opt out of any email lists by unsubscribing themselves from the list.


At Makruzz, we never share, rent or sell the information that we collect from your website browsing session through our cookies. However, if the need arises or ordered by the court, we would go against our policies without seeking your permission first. The information that we receive or collect is only going to be available to our employees or contracted service providers who use it to provide their services relating to our communications with you.


You can opt-out of our email list by following the instructions at the end of any of our sent emails. You can click on 'unsubscribe' and follow the instructions to stop receiving the automated messages that are sent to you.


Makruzz reserves the right to conduct changes to the website and to the terms & conditions at any time, with or without prior information. Customers are advised to keep checking the website and their emails on a regular basis to keep themselves updated. Further, the customer’s use of this site and/or placement of any order is indicative of acceptance of Makruzz's terms and conditions.